Releasing anger and resentments clears the body of toxins and cellular strongholds which can manifest discord in your system creating stagnation and dis-ease. This Spiritual Bath combines herbs, salts, essential oils to create a sacred space to open the heart and give permission to surrender to unconditional love and forgiveness. The effects of this bath will inspire courage, grounding while promoting a clearer mind and inner peace. When you choose forgiveness, the body and the spirit are clear of negative emotions and connections

Reconciliation and Release

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  • *Note: this is not a physical cleanse and should not be used to bathe. Take a quick rinse in the shower before entering the bath (no soap or other cleansing products can be used during the spiritual bath). After the bath do not dry off with a towel but allow yourself to air dry so that the healing effects of the bath can continue to manifest.


    Option #1: Set up a session for a personal Retreat in person or via zoom


    Option #2: follow the directives and create your own Retreat

    • Set a mental intention to honor this sacred time and to not be distracted by phone calls, texts, etc.

    • Place two (2) healthy scoops of salts in your reusable eco-friendly bath tea bag • Place tea bag in an empty tub and fill with hot water (safe and comfortable temperature)

    • Let tea bag soak for 5 or more minutes prior to getting in to allow the ingredients

    • While your tea bag is soaking- light your candle, say your mantra, play relaxing music (to your choosing), play/say your meditation, and/or burn incense.

    • Soak in the bathwater for at least 30 minutes (leave the teabag in during the bath).

    • The wet tea bag can also be used as a scrub as well

    • When done, allow the body to air dry and relax.

    Options: you can journal any thoughts or feelings that may have arisen during the bath, spray the aromatic spray in your room, or on your pillow to increase the healing benefits.

    • Discard any herbs in the tea bag, rinse and let dry for the next use.