Spiritual Bath FAQ's

What is included in the Spiritual Bath Collection?

There are seven (7) items included in this package, which are: 8 oz Bath Salts 1.5 oz Herbal Teas 2 oz candle 4 fl. oz Aromatic Spray 2 wooden scoops 1 reusable bath tea bag 1 reusable herbal tea bag

What is a Spiritual Bath?

A spiritual bath’s purpose is to cleanse the mind and the spirit, using herbs, salts and essential oils that have healing properties that helps with emotional releases, detoxification, trauma, pain, and experiences or situations that no longer service the purpose for your greater well-being.

Why a Spiritual Bath?

It’s a ritual (taken from Ancient Africa) that cleanses, by resetting, restoring and rebuilding a healthier and more positive state of mind and spiritual wellness and wholeness. This spiritual renewal heightens through the integration of the relaxing and calming warm bath and from the healing energies and properties of the essential oils, herbs and salts added to the bath water. If you want to experience an awakening in your spirit and to have a cleansed and balanced energy system, then a Spiritual Bath is what you want.

Who should take a Spiritual Bath?

Anyone who needs: · To relieve stress · To release emotional blockages/bondages · To comfort pain both physically and emotionally · To help channel your creativity and activate powerful insights · To experience deeper relaxation · To make preparation to move to a higher spiritual plane · To release negativity · To connect with self-love and forgiveness

What do I need for a Spiritual Bath?

· A willing spirit (You) · A place to submerge your body (or feet) · Your spiritual bath satchel or ingredients · Warm water · Optional: candles, music, or meditations and prayers

How do I use the Spiritual Bath Collection Set?

Note: this is not a physical cleanse and should not be used to bathe. · Take a quick rinse in the shower before entering the bath (no soap or other cleansing products can be used during the spiritual bath) · After the bath do not dry off with a towel but allow yourself to air dry so that the healing effects of the bath can continue to manifest. · Option #1: Set up a session for a personal Retreat in person or via zoom OR · Option #2: follow the directives and create your own Retreat · Set a mental intention to honor this sacred time and to not be distracted by phone calls, texts etc. · Place four (4) healthy scoops of salts in your reusable eco-friendly bath tea bag · Place tea bag in an empty tub and fill with hot water (safe and comfortable temperature) · Let tea bag soak for a minutes prior to getting in to allow the ingredients · While your tea bag is soaking- light your candle, say your mantra, play relaxing music (to your choosing), play/say your meditation and/or burn incense. · Soak in the bath water for at least 30 minutes (leave the tea bag in during the bath). · The wet tea bag can also be used as a scrub as well · When done, allow the body to air dry and relax. · Discard any herbs in the tea bag, rinse and let dry for the next use. · Options: you can journal any thoughts or feelings that may have risen during the bath, spray the aromatic spray in your room or on your pillow to increase the healing benefits.

Bath Teas  vs.  Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths are used for more Sacred Rituals for a deeper spiritual connection and being one with God. Seeking a higher awareness through meditation and/or prayer. While bath teas can be a spiritual experience, they are made for specific needs to the body’s discomforts and challenges.

Is bathing really better than taking a shower?

Yes. Soaking in hot water for an extended period of time has been proven to have many benefits - when combined with bath salts the benefits are even greater. Bathing, when done properly, can lead to softer skin, a better night's sleep, lower blood pressure, and is a treatment for many skin conditions.

When you soak in the bath, are you "bathing" in your own dirt?

No. Once bacteria, dirt and toxins are lifted out of your body, they will not go back in. When you bathe in warm water, your pores open. When you add high-quality bath salts, toxins are pulled out and drawn from your pores. You'll notice a ring around your tub - this is a good thing! That is the evidence of what has left your body - and it will stay out for good.

I have a ring around my tub. How can I avoid this?

You cannot avoid it - and again, when it comes to your body, it means you are now clean. All that dirt and grime has been drawn out of your skin and won't return. The easiest way to clean the sides of your tub are to gently scrub the surface while water is still in the tub - don't drain the tub and let it dry, and don't wait a few days before cleaning it. Step out of the tub, grab a sponge, and let the water and the pressure remove the stain.

Is it safe to take sea salt baths every day?

Yes, taking sea salt baths every day, is actually beneficial to you. 10-20 minutes is enough each day to maintain soft & beautiful vibrant skin.

What are the benefits of bath salts in your water?

Bath salts help heal cuts, burns, wounds, and insect bites. The minerals found in the salts are absorbed through the skin which is essential to the bodies' functions. Bath salts also flush out harmful toxins from the body and is a good stress reliever. It also exfoliates the skin, leaving the skin smooth and supple.

Bath Salts vs. Bath and Shower Gels

Bath and shower gels can be nice - they smell good and can soften your skin. Bath salts, however, are a must if you want a truly therapeutic bath. Raw bath salts can be combined with scents, essential oils, and herbs - and they contain a vast array of minerals and nutrients.

How will I know if I am allergic to bath salts?

If the ingredients of the bath salt is 100% natural, then there is a very little chance of being allergic to it. To be sure if you're not allergic to it, then simply soak a small part of your body, e.g. your hands to it to see if any allergic reaction occurs. Please read all instructions and information on the herbs and essential oils for side effects.

Does bath salts expire?

Salt does not expire. However Bath salt with colors and fragrances may fade over time. Shelf life for colored/scented bath salts is typically 1-2 years. Shelf life for raw natural salt is millions of years.

Can I use bath salts during pregnancy?

We recommend consulting your doctor first before using bath salts or taking a bath while pregnant.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils?

Studies about essential oils, or aromatherapy oils, have shown that certain oils have many healing and therapeutic qualities such as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe cuts and burns. Many essential oils also have a calming effect which makes it a stress reliever.

What are the different bath salts and their benefits?

Epsom salts have been used for soothing muscle aches and pains. They look like tiny crystals that are similar to table salt, but it has a different chemical composition which includes magnesium, oxygen and sulphur. These salts are most effective to get rid of unwanted body toxins, for skin exfoliation, stress relief, and for the management of muscle pain. NOTE: Epsom salt bath is preferred by people who are into sports. However, this is not a good choice for people with sulphur sensitivity. Dead Sea Salts have been used as a bath soak and body scrub. As its name suggests, Dead Sea salts originally came from the Dead Sea, which has long been acclaimed for its therapeutic properties. Its chemical composition is basically made up of magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides–chemicals that are responsible for its healing benefits, which include stronger nails and bones, improved circulation, anti-ageing benefits, skin moisture balance, greater body energy, and immune system boost. NOTE: Even with its healing properties, Dead Sea salt bath should be used with caution to avoid untoward reactions. Himalayan Salts have been used for the skin and body detox. Also known as ‘Pink Gold’, Himalayan salts come with a pink color and are hand mined from the ancient ocean beds of the Himalayan Mountains. These crystal salts have trace elements of iron which explain its pink color. Himalayan salts contain lower magnesium levels than other bath sea salts and has healing benefits which include improvement of body circulation, lowering of blood pressure level, balancing of the body’s pH. Black lava salt is composed of sodium chloride, sodium bisulfate, sodium sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, and iron sulfide. Black lava salt is also known as Hawaiian salt. This salt is popular around the world, not only for its flavor but also due to its medicinal properties. Besides being used is culinary arts, black lava salt has many health, hair, and skin benefits. It is the main component and holds a strong position in Ayurvedic medicine. The activated charcoal in black salt is effective in removing toxins from your body. Activated charcoal holds detoxifying properties which cleanse your body. Some benefits are: healthy digestive system, joint and muscular pain relief, respiratory relief, enhance mental clarity, cholesterol level stabilization and natural laxative. Dendritic Salt is an all natural, high purity, free flowing fine grain salt that has been crystallized to provide greater surface area. Doubles the absorption of fragrance or essential oils and retains scent longer than other salts. Retains scent longer than other salts. Anti-caking properties reduce clumping.

Is there a difference between bath salts and the drug?

However, the drugs collectively known as bath salts are not the same as the salt you put into your bath. They are actually synthetic cathinones, derived from the khat plant of East Africa. This class of drugs is made up of man-made elements related to cathinone.